Keiynan Lonsdale shares new music and a mixtape is on its way

Australian singer Keiynan Lonsdale has been sharing new tunes.

His debut album Rainbow Boy came out in 2020, but songs were slowly released off the record, in fact the video for Gay Street Fighter only arrived a few months ago.

Now Lonsdale has shared that his second album has been completed but he’s also got a mixtape coming out next week.

Back in September he shared the video for Come Papi, a sultry RnB jam that saw his hanging out on a yacht and spending time on a sunny beach.

Three weeks ago, he shared a video for another track Whine n Cry which had a reggaeton beat and the video sees him showing off his dance moves in a tropical paradise.

The singer has also shared a song called Crash on iTunes which is a very laidback guitar-based tunes, and yesterday another song appeared on the platform. Keiynan’s latest offering is Sit Down a sexy number about dancing for the one you’re attracted to.

On his Instagram the singer shared that he’s still working on the visuals for his next album, but in the meantime, he’s going to put out a mixtape of new tunes next week.

In the post Keiynan shared that he’s gone through a lot of transformations in recent years.

“I have been undergoing a big transformation in my life and a lot of that has to do with my heart, some of it you have witnessed over the years, while most has happened offline in the real world. I hope what I’ve been creating in this era and what I choose to share with you is something that resonates and empowers a more nuanced and universal love.” he shared.

“This upcoming music and journey is what makes me happy, dancing and connecting to my body and soul is my therapy and language, and expressing deep sensuality as a grown man in song, dance, and visual art makes me feel exposed and free, and less stuck energetically.

“I know externally folks may think I am hyper confident (and in many ways I am) but I can’t fool you and pretend like I don’t still shame myself here and there or put myself down and allow fear to hold me back too often, its a big part of why I push myself to create the work I do… in order to break my own chains and express the range of light and shadow.

“I truly believe in my purpose to share the storms I go through, and provide a vision of the colours that come out of those storms when we survive them.” Keiynan wrote.

The Heart Defence will come out on 8th of December. It’s not clear if the recent tunes are from this project, part of his next album, or just stand-alone releases.

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Graeme Watson

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