Norwegian authorities arrest two more men over mass shooting

Norwegian authorities have announced that they have arrested two men in relation to the mass shooting that occurred in June on the eve of Oslo’s Pride Parade.

The two men were arrested under suspicion of “complicity in a terrorist act” Oslo Police said in a statement. Their names were not released but they were described as a Somali man in his 40’s and a Norwegian man in his thirties. Both were known to police.

Their arrest is in addition to Zaniar Matapour, who was arrested at the scene of the shooting, and a second man police issued an arrest warrant for last week.

The second man has now been identified as Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, a 45-year-old Norweigian citizen who has previous convictions for terrorist related activities. Police say they believe Bhatti is now in Pakistan, a country that does not have an extradition treatment with Norway.

Two people were killed and twenty-one were injured when shots were fired at a succession of venues including popular gay bar The London Pub. The shooting occurred just hours before the city’s planned Pride celebrations.

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