Welcome back Facebook readers, here’s what you missed

Welcome back Facebook readers, while we could not post any stories to Facebook for over a week, our team has kept on reporting the news and sharing information about what’s going on in our local community.

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Here’s what you missed while we were locked out of Facebook.

News and Politics

Rainbow Futures WA highlight government inaction ahead of election
The state election is just weeks away, and local LGBTQIA+ advocates are working hard to make sure issues facing our community are on the agenda. On RTRFM ‘s All Things Queer Leigh Andrew Hill spoke to rights advocate Misty Farquhar.  

The Greens to host LGBTQIA+ election forum
LGBTQIA+ candidates for The Greens hosted a community forum, opening the floor to discussion on building a more inclusive WA ahead of the state election.

Zak Kirkup acknowledges Liberals have no chance of winning election
Politicians aren’t known for honesty and straight talking, but WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup has given a spin-free assessment of the upcoming WA election admitting there’s no chance his party can win government in the March poll.

Former PM John Howard calls for schools to retain religious exemptions
Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard has called on the government to retain provisions that allow schools to fire teachers who do not meet the standards of their religion.

New Zealand commits to introducing laws to ban conversion therapy
New Zealand has committed to bringing in legislation that will outlaw conversion therapy and other practices that aim to suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity.

Is the government about to launch Version 3.0 of the religious discrimination bill?
Former Howard government Minister Kevin Andrews, who is now a backbencher in the Morrison government, has shared with a family group that Attorney General Christian Porter will soon reveal the third iteration of the controversial religious discrimination bill.

Tasmanian church makes “no apologies” for conversion therapy
Tasmania’s current inquiry on LGBTQIA+ conversion practices in the state has drawn attention to the ongoing provision of the harmful “therapies” in religious institutions with one submissions admitting the practice is being performed.

just.equal launches new survey to push McGowan on law reform
LGBTIQ advocacy group, just.equal, has urged LGBTIQ West Australians to respond to a short, new survey about their law reform priorities for the next term of Government.

ACL boss Martyn Iles lists his grievances with Dan Andrews government
The ACL leader had more than one thing to mention about Andrews though, listing off a long list of grievances the organisation holds against the Premier. In a 20-minute long rant Iles listed 25 reasons he disliked the Victoria government including the Premier’s participation in Pride parades and flying the rainbow flag on government buildings.

Facebook apologises for banning charity and health pages
The social media giant admitted it’s news ban in Australia had also lead to the censorship of charity pages, domestic violence help pages, theatre companies and essential emergency services.

British government under pressure to act on conversion therapy
The British government is under growing pressure to introduce laws that ban conversion therapy. Former Prime Minister Theresa May made the commitment to bring in legislation, and current PM Boris Johnson has also voiced support, but there has been little progress on the issue.

Worth a read: The most interesting articles from around the web
The OUTinPerth team spend all day surfing the web looking for the latest news and stories to share. Here’s three recent stories from other outlets that are definitely worth a read. An Australian LGBTIQ publication raises eyebrows after calling for “buff bodies” for its Mardi Gras float, A famous rock band has a history of AIDS denialism, and an international court says Jamaica is trampling gay people’s human rights.


‘Whale Fall’ explores understanding our place in a changing world
Whale Fall is a play looking at transitions, specifically at the transition of a young child into their gender-affirming being and body.

‘Boss Level’ brings video game inspired ‘Groundhog Day’
Film reviewer Lezly Herbet found a lot to like in the latest offering from Hollywood director Joe Carnahan.

siera wiski covers ‘Cruel Summer’ alongside debut single ‘wishbone’
Local artist siera wiski was gearing up to launch her debut single wishbone this week at The Bird – the track comes back to back with her cover of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer.

Queer, Indigenous artist Angel Baribeau shares ‘Wish We Were Older’
Queer, non-binary, Indigenous pop singer/songwriter Angel Baribeau – based in Cree Nation of Mistissini, Quebec – tells a tale of love and loss passed to the next generation in this, their newest video for Wish We Were Older. 


Sacha Mahboub earns Order of Australia honour for local arts legacy
This year’s Order of Australia awards generated a lot of headlines over one particular nominee, but this Western Australian is being celebrated for his positive contributions to the arts here in our state. Sacha Mahboub received the Medal of the Order of Australia this year for his service to the performing arts, celebrating a decades-long career as a dresser, as well as creating his own fabulous productions.

Nigel Etherington needs some help after the bushfires
Local community member Nigel Etherington spent years volunteering time as a photographer documenting the activities of the LGBTIQ+ community. Recently Nigel suffered a blow when the caravans he lived in were destroyed in the Wooroloo bushfire, and his friends have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help him get back on his feet.

Perth Hornets kicking goals for queer inclusion on the footy field
WA has become home to myriad LGBTQIA+ grass-roots sporting clubs, and the Perth Hornets are bringing queer folks together on the footy field.

Innovative Brooklyn bar brings in drag delivery during COVID
An innovative bar in Brooklyn has found a clever way to keep drag culture alive as the city is wracked by Covid-19 shutdowns – they’ve introduced a drag delivery service.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dead at 70
American radio host Rush Limbaugh has died aged 70. The conservative commentator had a long history of broadcasting anti-LGBTI rhetoric and regularly mocked queer people who had died of AIDS-related illness. He described gay people as being “unhygienic” and “perverted” on multiple occasions.

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